ProRes 4444 on Windows / PC

ProRes_logoApple ProRes 4444 is a common video encoding format used for broadcast and pretty much the whole indie world. Until recently, Windows / PC users have struggled to encode video in ProRes 4444. Thanks to a program called ffmbc, made by a bunch of smart guys, this is no longer an issue! We have prepared a video tutorial on how to encode your image sequences or videos in the ProRes 4444 format.

AnotherGUI is a free front end for ffmbc. We’ve included two ProRes 444 presets in our mirror for ffmb and AnotherGUI available for download. Remember, AnotherGUI is only a front end GUI. Ffmbc is the application that is doing all the encoding. If ffmbc errors out, the cmd window will close automatically and you won’t be able to read the error code. Many questions have been answered in the comments on the YouTube video.

ProRes 4444 is the highest quality codex available through the ProRes format. Although it is a lossy compression format, it’s features make it an excellent choice for online edits in the indie world.

  • 5K, 4K, 2K, HD (up to 1920√ó1080), & SD resolutions
  • 4:4:4 chroma subsampling
  • Up to 12-bit sample depth
  • Variable bitrate¬†encoding
  • Alpha channel support
  • ProRes 4444 Windows Download

    Download ffmbc with AnotherGUI front end

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