Visual Effects done differently.

Exceptional communication is the foundation of great VFX. And not just shot descriptions and perplexing words from a VFX lexicon, but deep communication founded by a mutual appreciation for creating great cinema. We strive to identify filmmakers who care about the emotional proceeds of VFX as much as we do. We cut costs from brick and mortar niceties, not artists. We put the savings into communication, and share in delight as our clients see images that come from a place where words have no meaning.

The bitterness of Poor Quality remains long after the sweetness of Low Price is forgotten.Benjamin Franklin


  • With AFX, it’s never a question of “how”… it is always a matter of “why”. When they worked on my film, Burning Daylight, they were under intense time constraints. Furthermore, they were faced with the challenge of working with a first time feature director. And despite these obstacles, they brainstormed and strategically put together a plan of action that ultimately delivered top results.
    Sanzhar Sultanov

    Director (Burning Daylight)

  • The pros at AFX are creative, professional, and courteous - even on a high-stress project. They make any venture a rewarding creative experience.
    Tony Randel

    Director (Hellbound: Hellraiser II, The Double Born)

  • I first worked with AFX on a SyFy Channel Premier film called "Fire From Below". The VFX element was a voracious, combustible, lithium fire-ball that sought out all liquids in its path, including humans. AFX delivered a tremendous variety of shots on time and for an indie-film budget. I have used AFX several times since then and I know that I can count on quality, as well as cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.
    Andrew Stevens

    Producer (The Boondock Saints, The Whole Nine Yards, 3000 Miles to Graceland)

  • What makes Ryan extraordinary in my opinion, was not just his skill as a VFX talent but even more importantly as a man of integrity, who reflects selfless hard work and a willingness to be a true team member in every sense. If you are looking for someone who is talented, reliable, and a team player.....look no further!
    Paul B. Payne

    Executive Producer (I Heart Shakey, The House That Jack Built)


  • Authority FX Plugins

    Download Authority FX After Effects plugins for free! These were previously for sale here at They were confirmed working in CS5, CS6 and CC..

  • Ghostbusters Proton Stream Tutorial

    The Perfect Proton Stream The perfect proton stream needs three things: Great animation for the proton stream itself Details like plasma and energy bursts Great.

  • ProRes 4444 on Windows / PC

    Apple ProRes 4444 is a common video encoding format used for broadcast and pretty much the whole indie world. Until recently, Windows / PC users.


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